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Walled Garden MikroTik

The walled garden is a list of web sites/domains that end-users are able to visit without being authenticated.
In order to correctly configure the Social Login feature, it is necessary to add web sites to the walled garden. Mainly because the authentication is directly performed on the social network website, and no password is stored or processed in our Solution.

Social Login can be configured to run with the following providers:

  • Facebook
  • Office 365
  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

More detailed instructions for each supported vendor are provided below.

We remind you that other than the Walled Garden Social Login, you also need to add the walled garden for Dabsah domain :

  • **
  • **

In the IP > Hotspot menu, it is necessary to open the Walled Garden tab and specify which sites the end-user will be able to visit without being authenticated.
It is mandatory to add the Splash Page URL into this list (see Mikrotik), otherwise the end-user will not be able to visit the authentication page. Furthermore, you must allow the following Dst. Host values:

Facebook *facebook*

For iOS guests using the CNA browser, in some countries you may need to add also:

Google *google*
Google+ *google*
Instagram *instagram*
LinkedIn *linkedin*

LinkedIn might display a security verification screen to make sure that end-users are not robots. In this case you may need to add the following entries. Please note that adding might cause issues with the Android CNA Browser

Pinterest *pinterest*

In the login box displayed during the login, it is possible to connect a Pinterest account to an existing Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account. In order to allow this operation, it is necessary to add also the walled garden entries for Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Twitter *twitter*